Introduction to Calm In The City


02 Sep, 2013


Calm in the City is a 2011 not-for-profit community initiative, which engages with the city communities to bring calm into the heart of the city.

Calm in the City offers a gift to the city communities. It’s aim is simple – to enable meditation and calm to be easily accessible for all and for the art and practice of meditation to be communicated and experienced through the use of simple language and creative means. (Click here for more on meditation.)

We facilitate weekly guided meditations at Federation Square, ‘Calm-out-of-the-City’ Silence Day Retreats as well as special creative music and meditation events. Our ‘4 Steps to Calm and Resilience’ program delivered in the workplace is specifically designed to provide both insight and practical experience of mindfulness and meditation and we also facilitate prominent cutting-edge dialogues for leaders in the heart of the city.


Since 2015, we have been facilitating a special UN Peace Day event (see wakeupforpeace.org.au for instance). For details of our 2019 UN Peace Day event Stop Still for Peace – your peace, our peace, world peace, please visit www.stopstillforpeace.org.au. We hope that you are able to join this initiative!


This website provides further information on what we offer, what we get up to and more. Do feel free to follow us on @CalmintheCity and contact us if you would like to connect with us or be kept informed of upcoming events.

Calm in the City is a community initiative which is supported by Brahma Kumaris Australia. All Calm in the City activities are offered free-of-charge and are resourced by in kind offerings and voluntary donations. We respectfully acknowledge that all Calm in the City events in Melbourne take place on the lands of the Kulin nations.